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KEnnedy & Associates

We may be the world’s oldest fire investigation firm but we’ve got a  Brand New Attitude!


BIG or SMall FIres We’ve seen them all!

We’ve handled just about every kind of fire or explosion.


Fire Investigation is our only focus

Our experts focus ONLY on fires & explosions.
Nothing else.

We investigate, train and research, all day, every day.

Fire tested

Anywhere, ANytime

From Sarasota to Sri Lanka
Equator to Arctic Circle 
We go where the cases are – when you need us.

Kennedy is your  “Can Do” Fire Investigation firm

Kennedy & 

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Big or small fires
We’ve seen them all!

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Fire Investigation is our only focus

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Fire Investigation

Fire & Explosion Investigation

Whether it’s a kitchen fire across the street, or a refinery explosion around the world, the experts at Kennedy and Associates are ready to hit the ground running.  Packing the truck or boarding a plane makes no difference to us.  When you need us; we’ll be there with the know-how & equipment to get the job done. 

Fire Investigation

Fire & Explosion Analysis

Exactly what happened?  How did it happen?  Why did it happen?  Is someone responsible?  Answers you need.   Getting them requires in-depth inspections, testing, failure analysis and code research.  Our laboratories, library, and research facilities surpass those of many of the big companies.  We do it all.

Fire Investigation

Expert Witness Testimony

What is the light at the end of the tunnel?  Many Fire Investigators don’t understand what you, the client, need most.  You need experts who explain your case in a way anyone can understand it.  We’ll give you expert reports & exhibits that get the point across.  You’ll get testimony that hits the mark. 

We are “The Original Fire Experts!”

Kennedy & Associates was founded in 1955 by John A. Kennedy, the first private investigator to specialize in fires and explosions.  In doing so, he not only started a company, but started an industry.

Our experts have been the leaders in advancing fire & explosion investigation.   We conduct research; we educate; &  we serve on industry committees.  Nowhere will you find experts who are more committed to their profession and their craft than at Kennedy & Associates.

Our Fire Investigation Experts have taught students worldwide for NAFI, NFPA,  IAFI, even NASA!

Best of all, Our clients reap the benefits of our depth of experience. Get in touch ›

As we celebrate 60 years, we are 3 generations strong, family owned and employ veterans. 

Fire INvestigation Leaders

NFPA 921 & NFPA 1033
NFPA 921 & NFPA 1033

NFPA 921:  The Guide for Fire & Explosion Investigations is the industry standard.  Patrick Kennedy is a charter principal member of the committee and has authored many sections.  Kathryn Smith serves as his alternate.

NFPA 1033: Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator.  Patrick Kennedy is a principal member of the committee and Richard Meier serves as his alternate. 

OUR SERvices:

  • Start  to Finish
    Fire Investigations

  • Case Strategy & Management

  • Our promise:
    The facts are the facts.  When you have Kennedy on your team,  you’ll know your cases’ strengths and weaknesses.   We won’t lead you down a path we can’t prove.

Fire Investigation Injury


Fire Litigation is specialized and complex.  We know – we pioneered it. It isn’t enough to allege origin, cause & responsibility,  your expert has to prove it using the latest science. We can assist you through all stages your  litigation.

Fire Insurance Subrogation


Accurate origin and cause determinations help you assign responsibility.  Our work for insurance companies has resulted in 100’s of millions of dollars in recouped losses for insurance companies.

Fire Investigation Defense


Your client isn’t automatically responsible just because something bad happened. We’ll help you & your clients get an accurate picture of what happened, craft an effective defense and protect their good name.


Staff Expert




Principal Expert


Staff Expert

Kennedy & Associates



Operations Manager

Scene Investigation

Photographs, Measurements, Evidence, Patterns.

Explosion Investigation

We wrote the book,

FIre Code Research

One of the largest libraries & the know-how to use it.


All the facts,
easily understood.


No matter what size your loss...we can handle it.

EXpert Testimony

Making your case,
so a jury can undertand.

NFPA 921
& SCience

Investigations grounded in solid science.  

Fire Patterns Analysis

We invented fire patterns; no one understands them better!


We conduct pure research to understand fire better.


Seeing is believing,
Understanding is even better.


Our experts work together to 
give you a complete picture.

Evidence collection

Collection, Storage and Inspections.